TransUnion is Looking for Talent by MOS/AOC Code

By Anthony

November 1, 2018

veteran hiring

When we first sat down with TransUnion, they explained three things upfront:

  1. They want to hire Veterans because they contribute to the bottom line; In other words, they value our talent
  2. They require experienced talent; Something we all have - Officers, NCOs, Junior Officers, and Junior Enlisted
  3. They also know what they're looking for

Let's look at point 3 - Here is what TransUnion is currently searching for in MOS/AOC speak:


  • Army Cyber Operations - Officer (AOC 17A)
  • Army Cyber Operations Specialist - Enlisted (MOS 17C)
  • Army Cyber Network Defender - Enlisted (MOS 25D)
  • Army Cryptologic Cyberspace Intelligence Collector/Analyst - Warrant Officer (MOS 35Q)
  • Information Protection Technician - Warrant Officer (MOS 255S)
  • Army Information Services Technician - Warrant Officer (MOS 255A)
  • Army Network Management Technician - Warrant Officer (MOS 255N)
  • Army Information Systems Operator/Analyst - Enlisted (MOS 29)
  • Army Operations Research and Systems Analysis (ORSA) - Officer (FA 49)
  • Army Intelligence - Officer AOC (35)
  • Army Finance - Officer (AOC 44)
  • Army Engineer - Officer (AOC 12A)
  • Army Signal - Officer(AOC 25A)
  • Army Acquisition Officer (FA 51)
  • Army Intelligence Analyst - Enlisted (MOS 35F)
  • Army Operations Specialist - Enlisted (All Combat Arms MOS)

Air Force

  • Air Force Cyber Operations - Officer (AFSC 17SX)
  • Air Force Operations Research Analyst - Officer (AFSC 61AX)
  • Air Force Intelligence - Officer (AFSC 3 Or 4)
  • Air Force Network Operations - Officer (AFSC 17DX)
  • Air Force Acquisition Manager - Officer (63AX)
  • Air Force Intelligence - Officer (AFSC 3 Or 4)
  • Air Force Operations Intelligence - Enlisted (AFSC 1N0X1)
  • Air Force Knowledge Operation Management - Enlisted (AFSC 3D0X1)
  • Air Force Computer Systems Programming - Enlisted (AFSC 3D0X4)


  • Navy Cyber Warfare Engineer Officer (NEC 184X)
  • Navy Cyber - Warrant Officer (784X)
  • Navy Network Security Vulnerability Technician - Enlisted (NEC 2780)
  • Navy Operation Research - Officer (NEC 3211E)
  • Navy Intelligence - Officer (NEC 183X)
  • Navy Information Systems Technician - Warrant Officer (NEC 782X)


  • Marine Corps Cyberspace Officer (MOS 17XX)
  • Marine Corps Cyber - Warrant Officer (MOS 170A)
  • Marine Corps Cyber Technicians - Enlisted (MOS 0689)
  • Marine Corps Operations Research Specialist (MOS 8051)
  • Marine Corps - Officer (MOS 0203)
  • Marine Corps Network Operations and Systems Officer - Officer (MOS 0605)
  • Marine Intelligence Specialist - Enlisted (MOS 0231)
  • Navy Operation Research - Officer (NEC 3211E)
  • Marine Corps Operations Research Specialist (MOS 8051)
  • Marine Corps Tactical Communications Planning and Engineer Officer - Warrant Officer (MOS 0620)

If you fall in one of these MOS or AOC categories and are interested in a potential career with TransUnion, click the button below to get started. If you don't, I recommend registering anyways! Purepost has partnered with TransUnion to hire Veterans and it just takes 10 mins to create a profile that TransUnion will see immediately.

Thanks for your time!

Anthony Garcia, CEO